My favourite book shop


Have I introduced you all to my favourite book shop?

This is Baggins Book Bazaar Ltd - based in Rochester, Kent.


It is the largest second hand book shop in England


There are books everywhere


and it’s not unknown for people to take a wrong turn or have issues finding their way back out again in a timely manner as there are turns that end up nowhere or go on forever.


If you ever find yourself near Rochester I highly recommend a visit.

Зачетная статья крымского журналиста, отвечающая на новые вопросы, которые возникают у россиян.


ЖЖ horoshiyblog

Очень зачетная статья крымского журналиста, отвечающая в стиле FAQ на новые вопросы, которые возникают у россиян вследствие массированно изменения сознания пропагандой:

Кому лень кликать на ссылку, выкладываю текст сюда.

Первое. В Украине идет война с…



I did the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour on June 28th and I was lucky enough to also visit the “The Mentalist” set in Studio 14 :)
I got the chance to take some pictures. It was not allowed so that´s why most pictures are very blurry, but I wanted to share them with all of you anyway.

I hope you like them

I also touched (and kissed) Janes couch. I could not take pictures because it was hidden under a blanket but it felt really good ♥

If you have questions feel free to ask :)

I want to kiss your blanket-fuzzy lips!